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Day - 5 Dirty Carpet & Love

Follow the simple steps below

1. Settle the death issue.

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Day 3 -A servant's Heart

Life After death Francis Chan

Your authority

Understanding the Third Heaven

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  • Pray - simply tell Jesus...

  • You want to receive His free gift

  • You ARE willing to turn away from the wrong in your life

  • You are surrendering your life to Him

  • Accept His perfect gift

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2. Do what the Video said...

Day 4 - Handing out the proper

food at the proper time.

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the bible guy minute! shares 60 second clips of powerful teaching and encouragement.

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Day 1 - 5000 people to 5 people

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The Bible Guy Blog is being redesigned to help those starting or continuing small group meetings in The Kingdom of God!

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Day 2 - Woman in Adultery

Message of the hour. Coming Soon

Death & life

Your Salvation is in 3 stages.

Overcoming Strongholds

2020 - Introduction to 7 Areas of Ministry

3. To better understand God's Love toward you...Click on this bonus video!

A Father's Love Letter

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