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Overcoming Strongholds

Third Heaven

Gospel Message
The Gospel Message from avanti on GodTube.

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the bible guy minute! shares 60 second clips of powerful teaching and encourangement.

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eternal things:

Wow! We can actually be involved in working on eternal things in this temproal life. We can do things right now that will make a difference FOREVER! . 

2. Do what the Video said...

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Death & life

follow the simple steps below

1. Settle the death issue. Click 11 min. below for the best news of your life!

The Bible GuY

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A Father's Love Letter

Life After death Francis Chan
  • Pray - simply tell Jesus...

  • You want to receive His free gift

  • You ARE willing to turn away from the wrong in your life

  • You are surrendering your life to Him

  • Accept His perfect gift

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