40 Years Walking With Jesus
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          Follow the steps below!

1st ...         Settle the Death Issue
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                         to hear the good news

The Gospel Message from avanti on GodTube.


This will be the best 11 Minutes in your life!

2nd ...       Do what the video said
                           Pray?  Simply tell Jesus:

A. want to receive His Free Gift.
B. ARE willing to turn away from the wrong in your life.
C. are surrendering your life to Him.
D. ...accept his Perfect Gift.

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3rd ...       Click on this bonus clip! 

                                                  Fathers Love Letter

    Even though you have just accepted Jesus, you will continue to work through mistakes.  This clip will display the Love that God has toward you. Only 6 Minutes, play it over & over!

     It is this Love of The Father that will help you through everyday and every mistake. Welcome to your changed Life!

4th ...       Get a Bible and start reading it.

Bible Recommendations:

     New King James Bible, New International Bible or New American Standard Bible but stay away from paraphrases like The Message (paraphrases are not Bibles and can cause some confusion).

Bible Reading Recommendations:
     Look in the front "Table of Contents" find and read the three little books; I John, II John, III John and then the bigger book of The Gospel of John.

Prayer Recommendations:
     Start this way "Father God, I ask in Jesus Name that You would help me understand Your Word; Your Bible.

Get together with a group recommendations:
     There are a lot of people that will ask you to join their groups, don't be in a hurry. Maybe ask some of your family or friends to come to your house once or twice a week, play the above videos, talk about them, read the Bible out loud together and ask God together to understand His Word. Jesus will show you the way.


5th ...            BIBLE GUY WORK-OUT

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Preparing to "glean" what the Religious have trampled down.

The last words of Jesus to all of us...
Make Disciples

"...go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." Matthew 28:19, 20

Who is Thomas Spencer The Bible Guy?




Jesus is revealed throughout the Bible.


The Lord's Prayer - 7 yr old - Rhema Marvanne


Son of God Movie at the movie theaters
- viewed the movie with my family 3/1/14 and was very pleased. They condensed the life of Christ into about 90 minutes.
- My favourite line was after the crucifixion & resurrection Jesus look John in the eye and said He would be returning soon!

 Even though Son of God was good, I still www.TheBibleGuy.comrecommend The Visual Bible Matthew: taken word for word from the text of the NIV Bible translation. Filmed on location in Tunisia, Morocco and South Africa, Featuring a cast of thousands, historically accurate costuming and award-winning directing. Starring Emmy award-winning actor Richard Kiley as Matthew, and introduces Bruce Marchiano as Jesus. 

A Storm is Coming

Preparing for September 28, 2015
Job 40:6-7

Part 1 - Why a Storm

Part 2 - Awake Oh Sleeping Drifter
Part 3 - As You Wake, Remember this
Part 4 - Timeline Possibility
Part 5- Full Teaching on Appointed Times
Part 6 - Brace Yourself, God is about to Speak
September 28, 2015


End Time Ambassadors of Christ
 choose to be chosen

Be trained to use the Word of God with the Power of The Holy Ghost
to proclaim Truth in this hour of Tribulation

Part 1 - Choose to be Chosen
Part 2 - March 20, 2015 Fear Not
Part 3 -
March 20, 2015 Prophecy Explained

Miracles coming out of the Mars Hill fiasco!


Has one of your friends or family been spiritually abused by this fiasco, please Email this to them.

As God pulls back the spiritual veil I can see around 20,000 hurt, scared, mad, and confused followers of Jesus because of Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill.


What you experienced in Jesus WAS REAL! But now what do you do with it, where do you go from here? For your sake and the sake of your family and The True Church – STAY HOME!
Stay home and be blessed & healed starting by...(click for full healing article).

New FREE E-book
Church vs Ministry
Time to sort the laundry & separate the two
so The True Church can be set FREE!

Here is the challenge: this new wine;  the miracle power of The Holy Spirit working in us, which is bubbly, powerful, a little vinegary, explosive has got to function and operate within a NEW Wineskin that is not dry but rather flexible and able to handle seemly random acts of the miraculous at any moment.
Thomas Spencer TheBibleGuy


Prophecy being fulfilled TODAY!



VIDEO 1 - The Rapture, Israel, Blood Moons, Book of Revelation, Book of Daniel in 4 short video clips.

VIDEO 2 - The Rapture, Israel, Blood Moons, Book of Revelation, Book of Daniel in 4 short video clips.

VIDEO 3 - The Rapture, Israel, Blood Moons, Book of Revelation, Book of Daniel in 4 short video clips.

VIDEO Conclusion 4 - The Rapture, Israel, Blood Moons, Book of Revelation, Book of Daniel in 4 short video clips.


What it is & is not

 eBook chapter by chapter

All 15 Chapters Loaded & FREE!

After 2000 years did we miss it all toghter?


40 Years - Walking with Jesus
eBook chapter by chapter

Starting with day 14,245
I look back and recall finding the keys that
nlock the mysteries of life!


The Bible Guy
About The Bible Guy
1974 - Thomas Spencer accepted
 Jesus as Lord a the age of 15.


new wine skin

1958 to today, join me on this great journey of
The making of a real Ambassador for Christ!